Provenance of RA

The idea of Requisite Agility (RA) was born in 2009, when Amit Arora was in Russia for a software development project based on the Requisite Organization (RO) theory. This was the first time he was introduced to RO and its concepts, denoting the start of a journey of contextualizing the Requisite Organization concepts with the concepts of agile/agility.
From 2014 onwards, in collaboration with Steve Clement and many other contributors (see the list below), the idea of Requisite Agility has gradually evolved into a coherent conceptual foundation that recasts many RO concepts into today’s complex and agile context, provides a well-founded scaffolding to design and implement business agility, and is agnostic to any best practice method or framework.

As of the end of 2018, the RA concept is ready for a major leap: collaborative elaboration of the theory, tenets and terminology. To this end, an UnSymposium will be held in early 2019 to get together the harbingers, proponents and future practitioners of RA. The results of the RA community will be released as creative commons open content for anyone to apply.

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