Requisite Agility Conference 2023

We have held an annual conference since 2019 and these events consciously bridged divided camps of thought and brought together practitioners and researchers from widely varying disciplines to teach, share, listen, and learn new ways of working from each other. From this work has emerged a clarified vision of Requisite Agility: Complex enterprise transformation success deploying the right kinds of Agility across critical enterprise functions.

Our 2023 Requisite Agility Conference brings together executives, practitioners, and researchers to show – and tell – exactly what Requisite Agility is and demonstrate:
How Requisite Agility was central to success in a complex enterprise transformation.
  • How every successful enterprise transformation teaches us more about Requisite Agility.
  • How transformations fail because critical functions have too much or too little agility in a constraining dimension.
  • How any enterprise can tap Requisite Agility through our transdisciplinary relational architecture.
  • How people use this framework to enter a limitless global work design ecosystem founded on Right Action.
  • How the Requisite Agility ecosystem offers a store of common building blocks – working principles, values, and techniques – and common ends – purpose, movement, and meaning – within which vastly different enterprises co-evolve through continuous transformation.
  • How advocates of diverse work methods find their particular disciplinary expertise fitting into the larger transdisciplinary RA Relational  Architecture

What To Expect ?




Many top teams are trying to make sense of Agility, but some are unaware that too much or too little agility can be dysfunctional. Recent case studies have shown that if the pursuit of agility is wrongly implemented or mis-managed, it can be profoundly destructive by undermining strategic coherence or adding costs without adding benefits.

Two key questions can be asked to gain insight into an agility strategy:

How much – and what kind of – agility do we HAVE?
How much – and what kind of  agility– is REQUIRED?

It turns out that it’s not really possible to answer the first question without answering the second.
When these questions are explored together, an enterprise will have more clarity about what is needed to apply necessary agility in the right ways, to the right extent, and in each function or situation. We refer to this as achieving Requisite Agility.

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Applying Requisite Agility

Learn how to move beyond the constraints of current forms of agile thinking. How to model agility based on what ‘requisite’ means for each function, team and realm

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Transdisciplinary Learning

Explore together a relevant concept, issue, or problem and integrate the perspectives of multiple disciplines in order to connect, via real-life human experiences, to new knowledge and deeper understanding.

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Ecosystem Thinking

Requisite Agility Leverages ecosystemic thinking. An enterprise can itself be an ecosystem. It can also be a key part of a larger ecosystem. Either way, the ecosystem that it is or is a part of will be in a process of continuous transformation, where change is natural & organic.


The focus is not going to be on consulting jargon, matrix diagrams or products to be sold. Instead, we will share Stories of rolling up our sleeves and envisaging a new future using plain, simple English.

Benjamin P. Taylor

Managing Partner RedQuadrant

Scott Ambler

Co - Creator of Disciplined Agile

Eve Simon

Founder of Future of Leadership

Sunil Prashara

Former CEO of PMI

Geordie Keitt

Co-founder of

Luis Gallardo

World Happiness Foundation

Dr Philip Boxer

Boxer Research Ltd

Dave Snowden

Cognitive Edge

Eve Simon

Leadership Salon

Scott W. Ambler

Project Management Institute


Who should Attend?

Everybody interested in understanding how to plan and implement a Requisite Agility journey including existing and future executives, leaders, managers, strategic planners, organizational developers, Business Agility Scholars, practitioners, Coaches, Trainers and Consultants, HR practitioners, project Managers and anyone whose role is or will be influenced by Requisite Agility

Past Sponsors

Our agenda is one of promoting healthy, observant, adaptive, dependable, and effective organizations designed for speed, agility, adaptability, partnership, and evolution. In this way, Requisite Agility strives to address a broader definition of demand—not just ‘customer need’ but also demands from unforeseen shocks, disruptions and ambiguity. We want enterprises to become ecosystems, to partner and support each other so together we successfully navigate beyond a VUCA world and into the ‘never normal’.


This conference puts something new on the plate every time, new ideas and new ways of thinking


I never miss this conference, is the biggest business opportunity of the year.


I learned that there is some connection with my work (particularly the psychological aspects). I encountered some very well read and knowledgeable.


I learned that there is some connection with my work (particularly the psychological aspects). I encountered some very well read and knowledgeable


Interesting event, interesting format


plse use the same facilitators, excellent communication skills, they were very inspirational


The presenters had a great mastering of the subject matter. Great opportunity and hope to have the links to replay the sessions i missed out.


Interesting knowledgeable people sharing what they knew. Which turned out to often be a bunch of declarative stuff already known by many.  This had it’s own value, as it demonstrates where the field is.


The conferences exceeded my expectations, I liked the topic of agile from the human point of view, the depth of the conversations made me realize that there is a network of people that can be counted on internationally.


I really liked the format, it was a great way to do an ongoing conference.


I hope you will create in the future that kind of online event again, I learned due to corona how effective remote working and learning is


The sessions were very good and even what seemed common sense started to ring a bell.



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