About the Requisite Agility Conference

Founded in 2018, the annual Requisite Agility Conference brings together executives, practitioners, and thought leaders to connect, inspire, and share authentic stories of Requisite Agility. No tracks, just the best stories, concisely told in 30 minutes with a few unconventional twists along the way. The program will include

  • Stories of extreme ecosystem engineering, pulling leaders together into unexpectedly productive partnerships to achieve audacious outcomes
  • Stories of fitness and adaptability, adjusting on the fly to maintain a singular aim
  • Stories of finely-tuned judgment and discretion, maintaining integrity while creatively resolving the real needs of others
  • Stories of rigid discipline and upright principles, centering a community in chaos and stabilizing an unsteady social structure
  • Stories of creatively reframing familiar functions into fresh offerings, delivering newly truly valuable services instead of empty promises


What is the risk of being “non-requisite”, i.e. too much or too little agility?

The need for agility varies across different environments across different enterprise functions and levels. Not all enterprises need to adopt the same type of agility. The key insight is that Agility must be contingent on circumstances, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Agility is a desirable capability but that does not mean that it makes sense to devote unlimited resources to achieve whatever level of agility may be possible. The level of agility that is desirable depends on the set of circumstances we face; we refer to this level of agility as Requisite Agility.

The achievement of requisite agility will allow us to prevent or minimize the probability of events that are associated with adverse impacts and to maximize the probability of events that offer us opportunities and allow us to minimize the costs and/or maximize the gains should these events occur. Thus, agility is about the mitigation of any adverse impacts that are created, and the ability to seize opportunities that may arise.

Key, then, is how we appreciate the characteristics of adverse impacts and opportunities.

Requisite Agility means having the capacity in real-time to make the right choices and take right actions rapidly and flexibly in response to what is required within the worlds of those being served.

We can conclude that Requisite Agility is more than an intent; it is a calling, it must be earned . There is another key resemblance , as gymnastic capability will vanish if it is not nurtured. Likewise, Requisite Agility will be lost if it is not routinely nourished, implemented , practiced and is constantly being evolved.”

The broader systemic understanding of Requisite Agility includes not only the economic dimension but also the social and environmental dimensions necessary to creating value within dynamic environments in ways that are sustainable. RA provides an approach to governance for continuous organizational evolution.

What Attend this Conference?

  • Our agenda is one of promoting healthy, adaptive, and effective organizations designed for speed, agility, adaptability and evolution. In this way, Requisite Agility strives to address a broader definition of demand—not just ‘customer need’ but also demands from unforeseen shocks, disruptions and ambiguity. We want enterprises and ecosystems to successfully navigate beyond a VUCA world and into the ‘never normal’.
  • We’re excited to bring together leading system thinkers, holistic organizational anatomists, enterprise pathologists and engineers, agile coaches, and other practitioners to share their experiences, expertise and insights and to learn from each other as we hone best practices and tactics for working in the 21st century.
  • Through our conferences and smaller gatherings around the world, you will learn logical ways for coordinating and optimizing whole systems, not merely aggregating the piecemeal improvements of components.

Who will Attend?


Everybody interested in understanding how to plan and implement a Requisite Agility journey including existing and future executives, leaders, managers, strategic planners, organizational developers, Business Agility Scholars, practitioners, Coaches, Trainers and Consultants, HR practitioners, Project Managers and anyone whose role is or will be influenced by Requisite Agility.


IT/Software, Banking, Finance, Education, Research Media, NFP/NGO, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Telecommunications, Consultancy & Training

Requisite Agility Conference Are Attended By:

Conference Speakers

Meet Our Past Speakers

Benjamin P. Taylor

Managing Partner RedQuadrant

Scott Ambler

Co - Creator of Disciplined Agile

Eve Simon

Founder of Future of Leadership

Sunil Prashara

Former CEO of PMI

Geordie Keitt

Co-founder of RequisiteAgility.org

Luis Gallardo

World Happiness Foundation

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    Sallis Benney, University of Brighton City Campus

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