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Requisite Agility™ (RA) refers to  the organization design principles, patterns and practices that enable the organization to effectively adapt, responsively or preemptively, to changes in its environment. It provides a constructive scaffolding that helps the organization sense these changes, make sense of them, and act accordingly, while learning from the experience.

RA is agnostic to any specific agile methodology, best practice, or framework. Drawing on the systems and complexity theories, it entails theoretically informed and organization-specific diagnosis, analysis, design and implementation of organizational structures, processes and practices that are adaptive in their context.

RA operationalizes key Agile Properties

Driving Questions

Organizations shall be as flat as possible. But not flatter. There are actual differences in the complexity of work that need to be considered. Each level of work complexity builds on and adds true value to the previous one. Each comes with its own, unique logic ¬– a system of values and assumptions specific to that level. Requisite Agility appreciates these differences and takes them into account in designing the agile enterprise.

People have a natural affinity with work, whose nature and complexity is in line with their competences and capability. When this inclination does not match the challenges of the work, the person makes poor decisions, misapplies their judgment, and fails to meet the requirements of the role and the expectations of the others.

Organizations exist to align human endeavor towards common purpose and goals. This calls for mutually embraced values, unifying principles and policies, common understanding of the strategic context, and clear accountabilities as to who is expected to do what. When requisite managerial leadership is lacking, the efforts will be scattered and desired outcomes not achieved.

Managerial leadership does not, however, imply top-down, directive command and control. It should be about nurturing conducive culture, exhibiting the organization’s values, providing proper context, and facilitating work so that the team’s expected performance and results are achieved. When this scaffolding is properly in place, people are motivated to work in maximum autonomy to their fullest potential. If the reins are too tight, their initiative and innovation are stifled.

Requisite Agility is an overarching concept and an integrated body of knowledge that helps individuals, teams and organizations adapt and survive in today’s complex, uncertain and turbulent world. While many agile methods have emerged to deal with this complexity, companies have struggled in applying them across the entire enterprise. Solutions that work well locally tend not to be successful at the enterprise level. RA builds upon fundamental tenets of established and evidence-based organization and management theories to reinforce enterprise agility.”

Requisite principals are used globally

Key Contributors so far

Requisite Agility UnSymposium

Requisite Agility UnSymposium is an intense 2-day inaugural meeting aimed at exploring and comparing antecedent organizational and management systems, co-creating the conceptual foundations of Requisite Agility (RA), and establishing a community of contributors and practitioners to take the proceedings forward. We bring together system thinkers, holistic organizational anatomists, enterprise pathologists and engineers, agile coaches, and other practitioners to share their experiences, expertise and insights and to learn from each other.

The meeting will take place February 9–10, 2019 in a premier location in New York City.

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