The Tankturm is a special venue in Heidelberg. Once this tower was used to fill steam locomotives with water. In 2014, AAg Architekten acquired the heritage-protected building and converted it into a venue for business, social and private events.
Contemporary expressions of the fine arts, literature, music, theater and dance find space and stage at the TANKTURM: The multifunctional facilities in the tower and side wings of the building are used as an event location and a place for art and culture. The location within the constantly evolving Bahnstadt in Heidelberg offers new perspectives.

Getting to Heidelberg from Frankfurt Main Airport

You can book ahead and get a good rate but the ticket you get is only valid on 1 train so be sure you allow enough time. On return to Frankfurt allow 90 minutes from the train to the aircraft take-off as an absolute minimum, especially if you are flying from Terminal 2. We did this in 90 minutes at a quiet time of day (mid morning) so when the terminal is busier 2 hours would be more suitable. If you are travelling with Lufthansa you can check in and leave your bags in the railway station on the second floor.
Also, just occasionally, a train will be late !
The railway station in Heidelberg is about a kilometer out of town, fortunately being Germany there is a well-managed taxi system and you are not likely to get ripped off. There are also buses to some destinations if you are travelling light.

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