Speaker Engagement Policy


Requisite Agility UnSymposium is a community platform for Global Thought Leaders and Specialists to share knowledge, experience, expertise and spread the awareness about related RA concepts.

Speaker – A Speaker is an individual person, representing himself, shown interest to present a session on a relevant topic, and is selected by Requisite Agility through review process to speak about his/her session topic at the conference, and/or participating as a Panelist Speaker to a panel discussion at the conference.

All the speakers, sponsors, volunteers and participants at our conference events are required to abide by the following guidelines and agree to all the terms and condition as mentioned in the policy –

Non-commercial Engagement: Requisite Agility engages the speaker at non-commercial terms for presenting his/her sessions, and/or participate in panel discussion at conferences.

Requisite Agility does not pay or charge any fee to speak at the conference.

  • Intellectual Property Copyright: All the Speakers are responsible for ensuring and mentioning respective citation and references to the original sources and authors, and use only authorized contents with permission during session talks and presentation. Speakers must ensure there is no IP Copyright breach and violation by any means, and take all necessary approval from the respective employers to present and participate at the conference. Lean Kanban India will not be liable for any copyright breach by Speakers and all such notification must be shorted by speakers directly.
  • UnSymposium Kit/Bag: A kit is a pre-packaged paper/jute bag given to all the Participants and Speakers as a part of Sponsors or Conference deliverable. This Promotional kit may include dairies, flyers, t-shirts, cups, stationery items, discount coupons and other similar items. This kit/bag is to be considered as token of respect or appreciation and it is not mandatory to accept it. Speaker and participant are responsible to either accept or reject the kit based on their individual preferences and employer's policies.
  • Travel and Stay Support for Speakers: Requisite Agility is a community and our events budgets are very limited. In the limited budgets, we cannot accept any Expense Reimbursement Requests from speakers and speakers traveling from other cities are advised to plan conference participation accordingly. However, we are committed to providing the best support to find a discounted Stay and Travel at/near the event venue, and encourage the Keynote Speakers to discuss co-marketing opportunities to manage the expenses, for the training program they offer. Refer ‘Call for Training’ section of the UnSymposium or speak with any of our team members.
  • Representation: All Speakers represent themselves and are responsible for delivering all the presentations, and should adhere to the Code of Conduct policy in an independent capacity.

 Before sending a submission and accepting/confirming engagement with Requisite Agility, we request that speakers read, validate and accept the Policy.

 Disclaimer – Requisite Agility has all the rights to change, modify and amend this policy any time at its sole discretion.


Email: reach@requisiteagility.org

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